Devlin Limbach


Photography is used to show that a person has lived their life to the fullest. 


With lifetime memories captured through digital, or print, it shows that we have lived a life we are proud of.  A life we will always want to remember.  Through our busy lives, we sometimes forget what it was like at a certain time.  Viewing the images, help to re-live in the moment, and hopefully bring back the great memories from those special days or events. 


My passion for photography has been a little different then others.  I started in college for photography but had the goal of becoming a crime scene photographer.  I also enjoyed taking photos of most other things as well, but I tried to continue that career by becoming a deputy sheriff in hopes to to what I set out to do.   It was then I decided that it just was not going to work in LIncoln, Nebraska. 


I have experience in all kinds of photography from portraits to storms.  I even play with green screen technology.  I have used my skills to work with dental offices to create custom works of art for their office.  


Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.